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  • 05-05-2019: Update- Meeting with Alberto Ramirez

  • 04-26-2019: Chicago Actuarial Association Events


    CAA Spring Fun @ the Ballpark

    The spring actuarial exams will soon be over, and you'll be waiting for results. It's time to have some fun! The Chicago Actuarial Association is sponsoring our annual actuarial group outing to a baseball game at Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, as they meet the Cleveland Indians on Game of Thrones Night. Comiskey Cash will be provided at the game to exam takers, supervisors, proctors, and organizers. Other attendees will be responsible for their own food & drinks.

    Where: Guaranteed Rate Field (333 W 35th Street)
    When: Monday, May 13 at 7:10 PM
    Cost: Tickets are only $5 for exam participants and members of the Chicago Actuarial Association. Other guest tickets are $15.
    RSVP on CAA website:


    Risk Analytics Symposium 2019

    The Chicago Actuarial Association is partnering with the UIUC Department of Mathematics to present a Risk Analytics Symposium at the Illini Center. You can earn up to 7.25 hours toward your annual AAA and SOA CPD requirements at this event. Please go to for more details and to sign up.

    Where: Illini Center (200 S Wacker Drive)
    When: Monday, May 16 at 8:30 AM
    Cost: $30 for CAA Members, students, academics, and UIUC alumni; $60 otherwise
    More info on CAA website:


  • 04-12-2019: Reminder: Tacos & Trivia on Monday -- Please RSVP

  • 04-09-2019: Women in Actuarial Science - North Central College - May 1st

  • 03-04-2019: 2019 Spring workshops | Chicago Actuarial Association

  • 02-05-2019: DataFest @ Loyola

  • 01-26-2019: Student Research Case Study Challenge

  • 01-17-2019: Drake Symposium – April 12-14

  • 01-15-2019: SOA Board of Directors member visiting DePaul

  • 12-12-2018: Reimbursement of exam fees

  • 12-12-2018: SOA President Speaking at DePaul

  • 10-27-2018: High School Actuarial Day–Chicago

  • 09-26-2018: News from CAS/SOA

  • 09-23-2018: SOA Data Analysis Contest

  • 09-21-2018: Today: deadline to submit resume for actuarial career fair

  • 09-19-2018: Actuarial Event in Chicago

  • 09-13-2018: Tonight: Kickoff Meeting from 6-7pm in Levan 203.

  • 06-10-2018: Exam fee reimbursement deadlines approaching

  • 04-16-2018: Reminder: Brian Brown, President of CAS today at 4:00 PM

  • 03-11-2018: Chicago Actuarial Association workshops -- reminder

  • 03-07-2018: For actuarial students who love statistics and sports!

  • 02-19-2018: Chicago Actuarial Association workshops at DePaul!

  • 01-23-2018: 2018 case study challenge (with prizes) and scholarships

  • 01-12-2018: IABA Scholarship and Boot Camp Applications are now available!

  • 12-19-2017: SOA-Sponsored Summer Internship Program

  • 12-02-2017: Milliman Actuarial Career Fair - RSVP by 12/28

  • 11-02-2017: Today at 4:45 PM - CNA

  • 10-31-2017: Volunteer position at SOA

  • 10-19-2017: Exam fee reimbursement - submit your application before 11/31

  • 09-18-2017: The 5th Annual Midwest Actuarial Student Conference

  • 09-15-2017: Today: Kick-off meeting/resume workshop and registration deadline for Recruitment Day

  • 09-12-2017: Recruitment Day @ DePaul

  • 09-11-2017: DePASC 2017 Kick-off Meeting & Resume Workshop

  • 08-24-2017: Exam fee reimbursement - submit your application before 8/31

  • 07-24-2017: Summer Fun at the Ballpark

  • 07-06-2017: Claim your $100 reimbursement

  • 05-30-2017: Claim your $100 Reimbursement!

  • 05-22-2017: Update about FM exam from SOA

  • 05-16-2017: SOA's support services

  • 05-01-2017: Meet the University of Chicago's Actuarial Club!

  • 04-20-2017: Meet the University of Chicago's Actuarial Club!

  • 04-19-2017: The Actuary of Tomorrow - Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship

  • 04-17-2017: 7th International Conference on Risk Analysis

  • 04-07-2017: Ezra Penland - opportunities

  • 04-07-2017: Milliman scholarship open to undergraduate students - reminder

  • 04-03-2017: Exam passers: Claim your $100 reimbursement!

  • 02-22-2017: Exam passers: Claim your $100 reimbursement!

  • 02-11-2017: SOA 2017 Student Case Study Challenge

  • 01-17-2017: International Association of Black Actuaries Scholarship


    This message is being sent on behalf of the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA)


    Dear Colleague:

    We would appreciate your assistance in promoting the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) scholarship within your student and educator groups, as well as on your website.  We are seeking undergraduate and post-baccalaureate minority student applicants (particularly students of African descent originating from the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and African nations). 

    Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of individual merit and may be renewed upon reapplication and continued eligibility. IABA typically awards amounts ranging from $2,000 - $5,000/year towards educational expenses including tuition, books, housing, research, etc. and is based on full-time status during the school year. Last year, we awarded 27 students close to $90,000.  Since 1992, IABA has awarded over $500,000 in scholarship funds. 

    The benefits of becoming a scholarship recipient are not limited to educational expenses. In addition to the scholarship, award recipients also receive the following:

    ├é┬À         Internship and entry-level opportunities;

    ├é┬À         A paid trip to IABA's Annual Meeting;

    ├é┬À         A one-time stipend for passing actuarial exams during the scholarship period (depending on available funds and academic performance).

    Application materials for this year are available online only at Scholarship 

    If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Kate Weaver, at

    We truly appreciate your attention.



    Adrian Cox

    IABA Scholarship Committee Chair



  • 01-17-2017: Exam passers: Claim your $100 reimbursement!

  • 01-11-2017: SOA 2017 Case Study Challenge!

  • 11-30-2016: Student Research Case Study Challenge

  • 11-16-2016: Exam Passers: Claim your $100 exam fee reimbursement

  • 10-10-2016: MASC Volunteer walk-through meeting location

  • 10-10-2016: (Last Announcement) Volunteer opportunity at 4th Midwestern Actuarial Student Conference (MASC)!

  • 10-07-2016: (Final!) Volunteer opportunity at 4th Midwestern Actuarial Student Conference (MASC)!

  • 09-29-2016: 2016 NIC-ASA and ICSA Midwest Joint Fall Meeting!

  • 09-26-2016: Society of Actuaries AOF Section is looking for a Section Council Intern!

  • 09-18-2016: Join the Chicago Actuarial Association Event this Friday Sept 23rd!

  • 09-16-2016: 4th Annual Midwest Actuarial Student Conference

  • 09-14-2016: DePasc Kick-Off Presentation Posted!

  • 09-14-2016: Exam Passers: Claim your $100 Reimbursement!

  • 09-13-2016: 4th Annual Midwest Actuarial Student Conference

  • 09-02-2016: CNA Actuarial Internship for Summer 2017

  • 07-18-2016: Have you passed any actuarial exams recently?

  • 06-28-2016: ASA and CERA curriculum changes

  • 05-22-2016: Exam Reimbursement - deadline 6/15

  • 05-10-2016: Last Day to Register

  • 04-25-2016: Actuarial Scholarships

  • 04-15-2016: Allstate Actuarial Award - deadline in 2 days!