Actuarial Literature

Here you can find links to various articles of general interest to actuarial students and professionals.

  • Achieving your pinnacle: A career guide for actuaries, by Tom Miller. Ebook
  • A checklist by The Infinite Actuary for those who fail an actuarial exam: If_You_Failed
  • Curriculum changes for ASA and CERA by the Society of Actuaries: SOA Website
  • Article on exam process and how it's changed over the years (h/t Max): The Actuary
  • Insightful discussion about different companies and their student programs, though a bit outdated: Record
  • Why your health insurer doesn't care about your big bills: ProPublica
  • The common denominator of success – used in the context of life insurance sales: Albert Gray
  • Want a six-figure salary? Here are the 5 most valuable college majors of 2018: msn
  • Data Science Strategy (= how important it is for actuaries) by Swiss Association of Actuaries: DSS
  • Unsexy actuaries are 97.28892% certain they need stronger brand: Bloomberg