DePaul Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to do great things after graduating from DePaul. See what they have to say about our program.


Christopher Cahill

Actuarial Consultant - CNA Insurance

"DePaul gave me an incredible amount of support in my pursuit to become an actuary as the professors at DePaul are knowledgeable from both a theoretical and application standpoint. Fostering an understanding from both angles allowed me to learn difficult mathematical concepts I would be tested on at some point in the actuarial exam process. As challenging as these exams are, DePaul provided me with the fundamental skills I needed to be successful. Most importantly, DePaul provided me with a well-rounded education allowing me to capitalize on my technical, communication, and leadership skills. Every DePaul student should be proud of their education!"

Bryan Falato

Actuarial Retirement Consultant - Aon

"The education I received from DePaul University has been instrumental in supporting my career growth. The classroom knowledge helped me become a fully credentialed actuary, while the campus, social environment, and urban setting helped me gain the knowledge to grow into a consultant. DePaul really prepared me for all aspects of my career. DePaul allowed me to use high school AP credits and a flexible class schedule to complete my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a total of four years. While completing my master’s program, I was able to obtain full time employment as an actuarial associate. From there I’ve been able to grow into a retirement consulting actuary, partnering with clients to help them solve their financial and human resource related challenges, have people management responsibilities, and guide our newer colleagues in their exam process."

Rolande Mbatchou

Actuarial Associate – HCSC (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois)

"I am very thankful for my time at DePaul and the depth of support I received to reach my career aspirations. I was a double major in Mathematical Sciences (with an Actuarial Concentration) and Honors Finance. I started taking actuarial, probability and statistics courses as a sophomore, which gave me an early start with the exam process and helped me secure an internship my junior year. This internship eventually lead to a full-time job opportunity. The professors at DePaul gave me great guidance and feedback to ensure I will graduate successfully. I was also very involved as a student (President of the Math Club and Founder of the Actuarial Club) and that enabled me to acquire a lot of soft skills (leadership, interpersonal, communication, etc.), which are truly beneficial when working within an organization or in teams. DePaul was definitely a great foundation to my actuarial career!"


Mark Yoest

Director - Deloitte Consulting

"I greatly benefited from my experience at DePaul: a solid technical education, a well-rounded liberal arts supplement, and—just as importantly—the education of living in a major city. To be around a group of people who are so adept at managing the broader Chicago business community helps each student learn through both their and their classmates’ experiences. And given DePaul’s urban setting this learning takes place throughout the school year, not just over the summer. I’ve leveraged my DePaul education to help me build a career as an actuary. I graduated DePaul with several actuarial exams passed, and started my career with the skills to complete the balance of the exams, think about business problems broadly, and build and leverage networks. I’m very glad to have attended DePaul. Go Blue Demons!"