VEE Courses

VEE's (Validation by Educational Experience) are college accredited courses that are required to obtain an Associateship level for the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and Casualty Actuary Society (CAS). These courses are independent of the actuarial exams and you must pass two actuarial exams before applying for credit. In order to receive credit, you must achieve a grade of B- or above in the courses listed below. You may consider waiting until you are employed to apply for credit, as most employers will cover the fees associated with the application.

  • VEE Accounting and Finance

    Complete an accredited course in accounting and an introductory course in corporate finance. Undergraduate and graduate students must complete both courses to receive full credit. The course listing for the Accounting and Finance VEE is as follows:

    • Undergraduate: ACC 102 (Accounting); FIN 310 or FIN 317 (Finance)
    • Graduate: ACC 500 (Accounting – subject to approval); FIN 555 (Finance)
  • VEE Mathematical Statistics (Not needed for CAS)

    Complete a single course in Mathematical Statistics to satisfy this VEE. Approved courses are as follows:

    • Undergraduate: MAT 353
    • Graduate: MAT 453

  • VEE Economics

    Complete a course that's approved under the macroeconomics component, and a course that's approved under the microeconomics component. DePaul offers introductory micro- and macroeconomic courses for undergraduates, as well as intermediate micro- and macroeconomic courses for undergraduates and graduates. Undergraduate and graduate students must complete both components in order to receive full credit. Courses for the Applied Statistics VEE are as follows:

    • Undergradute: ECO 105 (Microeconomics) and ECO 106 (Macroeconomics); ECO 305 (Microeconomics) and ECO 306 (Macroeconomics)
    • Graduate: ECO 555 (Microeconomics) and ECO 509 (Macroeconomics)


Check the SOA VEE Directory for the most up to date approved courses. If your program does not offer the full VEE requirements, alternative options are available.