Exam Passers


Passing actuarial exams is not easy. Even Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman had trouble with them...



Fortunately for us, many of our members do pass actuarial exams every year. Below you will find a list of our recent exam passers, based on reimbursement exam fee requests that have been approved. Students who are eligible for reimbursement (e.g. those who don't get their exam fee covered by their employer or reimbursed from a different source) are encouraged to apply through DePaul's Scholarship portal. 

Good luck to everyone studying for an exam and we hope to see your name on the list soon!


Historical data 

The Society of Actuaries has made available historical data regarding actuarial candidates who self-identified as DePaul students at some point in their careers. The Casualty Actuarial Society has also provided us with information regarding DePaul alumni who are Associates or Fellows of the CAS. Some limitations of the data are:

  • students who didn't enter their college into the SOA database are not accounted for;
  • fellowship-level SOA exams are not included in the data;
  • CAS exams are not included in the data.

Out of 390 DePaul students in the SOA database, there are:

  • 29 Associates of the Society of Actuaries
  • 20 Fellows of the Society of Actuaries
  • 8 Associates of the Casualty Actuarial Society
  • 15 Fellows of the Casualty Actuarial Society
  • 3 Certified Enterprise Risk Analysts
  • 7 Enrolled Actuaries
  • 38 Members of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Moreover, in terms of actuarial exams:

  • 191 have passed Exam P or its predecessor
  • 170 have passed Exam FM or its predecessor
  • 93 have passed Exam MFE or its predecessors
  • 63 have passed Exam MLC or its predecessors
  • 72 have passed Exam C or its predecessor.