Minors and Electives

The following minors can add breadth and specialization to an actuarial science major (applies to the new curriculum of the BSB and the BS degrees).

  • Accountancy (Business) and Accountancy (non-Business). Actuarial science majors need four 300-level ACC courses to obtain this minor.
  • Computer Science. Actuarial science majors need six courses, including four CSC courses at the 300-level, to obtain this minor.
  • Data Science. Actuarial science majors can take several courses of this minor as part of their major. Depending on their choices, they may need one or more additional courses to obtain this minor.
  • Economics (Business), Economics (non-Business) and Economics (LASS). Actuarial science majors need four 300-level ECO courses to obtain this minor.
  • Finance (Business) and Finance (non-Business). Actuarial science majors need at least four 300-level FIN courses to obtain this minor.
  • Mathematics. Actuarial science majors currently need one or two MAT courses to obtain this minor.
  • Statistics. Actuarial science majors currently need two or three MAT courses to obtain this minor.

Actuarial science majors pursuing the BSB degree can add a Management or Marketing minor by taking three or four 300-level courses; those in the BS degree require six.

In terms of electives, the courses below are great options for actuarial science majors who would like to delve deeper into risk and insurance.

  • CNS 340: Fundamentals of Information Assurance
  • FIN 362: Enterprise Risk Management
  • FIN 367: Property and Liability Insurance
  • FIN 368: Insurance Industry Structure & Operations

In addition, students may take more than the required number of major electives for their degree. For example, they could complete the Life Contingencies sequence (MAT 362-3) as well as the Loss Models sequence (MAT 364-5).

Graduate students concentrating in actuarial science have similar options, since most of the afore-mentioned courses are either cross-listed or have graduate-level versions.