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About Us

It is the mission of this organization to serve Latinx students at DePaul University through socially responsible leadership and the Vincentian values. We seek to facilitate student involvement, engagement and leadership development.

It is the goal of this organization to provide a safe space for Latinx students at DePaul, where they can share their opinions, reflect on personal experiences, and participate in the Vincentian mission through our programming based on the pillars of faith, culture, and service.

Our History

Fr. Guillermo Campuzano created Tepeyac as an organization for Latinx students at DePaul to reflect on their faith and culture. He named it after the hill where San Juan Diego saw the image of La Virgen de Guadalupe for the first time. From that, he based Tepeyac on the pillars of faith, culture and service. Since then, Tepeyac has grown not just in numbers but in strength. If you go to DePaul, you've probably been invited to go to Cafecito con Tepeyac or Commuter Appreciation Day. You were probably also invited to check out our events for Latinx Heritage Month and SOMOS. You've probably received a FB invite from us or a late night email. It was all part of the hard work and dedication Tepeyac was putting in to keep Fr. Memo's mission alive and well. It was such an honor to receive the award for Student Organization of the Year at the Excellence in Leadership awards ceremony 2019 and the Excellence in Solidarity award at the Inaugural Sankofa Black Excellence Awards in 2022. We are incredibly proud of the Tepeyac team and appreciate everyone who has supported us in one way or another.

"Tepeyac was a welcoming community that establishes a comfort and safe space for those coming from different states and different parts of Illinois. It filled that comfort of home."

Jose Dominguez

BFA Major

"Tepeyac has been a crucial and supportive partner of the Latinx Cultural Center. Our mutual collaboration has made our programs rich in diverse experiences, and has strengthened the sense of community among Latinx."

Monica Ramos

Latinx Cultural Center Coordinator

Tepeyac was a space that I was able to be myself and allowed me to invite others into this long thread of unity. I'm grateful to have served in leadership and impact the larger DePaul community. Tepeyac is a place who welcomes anyone to the table.

Victor Hugo Lara

Former Tepeyac President & DePaul Alumni

"Tepeyac is an amazing organization that welcomes all people, ideas, & opinions in a safe place where we discuss faith, religion, and academics. It's a great way to meet genuine people and strive for success in many different aspects."

Ary Carreras

Finance Major

Our Team

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Victoria Gomez Meza

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Faculty/Staff Advisor
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