DePaul Rifle and Pistol Club

A special interest organization dedicated to the education and promotion of the safe use of firearms.


~Spring Quarter 2023 Meetings are Monday 5:00PM~

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an educational and informational space for DePaul University members to grow their knowledge in the field of firearms consistent with the original text, history, and tradition of the United States and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.


Let's learn and pursue the truth together.

To promote a healthy interest in the fascinating field of firearms.

Discover new and exciting technologies, philosophies, and history following the centuries old technology that is firearms.

To encourage a better knowledge of firearms.

There is always something to learn and use for your own growth. Share experiences, tips, and tricks among members who share a similar interest. What do you want to know about firearms?

To emphasize safety in regard to lethal weapons.

Firearms play a central role in many examples of media, especially films and video games, where they exist to provide entertainment. Firearms are fun - but great reverence must also be had in regards to these deadly tools. Do you know the four rules of gun safety?

To encourage an education in the local, state, and federal laws surrounding personal firearm ownership.

What does it actually mean to be part of a "well regulated militia?"

Is your participation "necessary to the security of a free state?"

Who has the "right to keep and bear arms?"

Who should be paying attention to arms that "shall not be infringed?"

Lets discuss!

No experience necessary!

Any university member in support of the Rifle and Pistol Club's mission is welcome to join and benefit from the educational discussions and (purely informational) lessons hosted weekly via zoom. Visit our contacts page or our Instagram (@depaulrifleandpistolclub) to learn more!