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About Us

DePaul University’s RHC is a student-run organization established to represent the needs and issues pertinent to every residence hall. RHC seeks input from all residents and endeavors to build community, encourage personal growth, and improve residence life overall. RHC will plan community-building and community-improvement events in each residence hall, as well as throughout campus, as guided by our three pillars: Program. Govern. Serve.









Members Benefits

RHC Membership consists of three tiers: Executive Board Members, Hall Senators/Committee Members, and General Body Members.

Executive Board (E-board) Members are elected annually and are tasked with serving as an official Board Member on behalf of the Residence Hall Council. E-Board members create and host events, govern the RHC Committees, receive professional development opportunities, may attend Residence Life conferences on behalf of DePaul University, and maintain active commitments to the functionality of the Residence Hall Council.

Hall Senators are selected on behalf of their residence hall, apartment, or community to represent the interests of their respective residential area. In this capacity, Hall Senators can vote on initiatives that RHC would like to present to the Department of Housing and Residence Life, can host events within their governing area to promote community development, and can assist in hosting any RHC official event. Each Hall Senator is invited to serve on an RHC Committee, which includes the Large-Scale Programming Committee; Philanthropy and Recognition Committee; Social Justice Committee; and Student Success Committee.

Any current resident within Housing and Residence Life at DePaul University is automatically a member of the general body of the Residence Hall Council. General Body members are invited to attend any bi-weekly General Body Meeting for RHC and to participate in all RHC programming as a guest.

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Lyza Liriano

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Genesis Coffey

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Anastasiia Volyk

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