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Planned Parenthood Generation Action at DePaul University (PPGADPU) aims to acknowledge and actively work against the injustices embedded within health care practices, policies, and laws. We will advocate for reproductive freedom and comprehensive, values-neutral sexual education, and strive to support DePaul students with information about these subjects and other matters pertaining to accessing healthcare resources. We work to provide the campus and community with accessible, inclusive, fact-based, and values-neutral information regarding sexual health. PPGADPU strives to advocate for Planned Parenthood health centers at the local, state, and national levels. We encourage our communities to practice positive and proactive political action by participating in democratic processes and social movements at the local, state, and federal levels. PPGADPU is dedicated to addressing and dismantling white supremacy within the abortion rights movement and elsewhere, along with inequitable power imbalances, hierarchies, the stratification of knowledge and resources, explicit and implicit forms of bias, racial discrimination, and other forms of oppression related to perceived or assumed identity or expression, such as but not limited to gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, ability, or socioeconomic status. PPGADPU aligns with DePaul's Vincentian mission through our dedication to the inclusion of students of all backgrounds, identities, and communities, as the reproductive justice movement affects us all and inclusive sexual education benefits everyone; additionally, PPGADPU will serve the DePaul community through sexual health oriented service projects, political involvement, and the spreading of awareness regarding accessing healthcare as a student.









Our Team

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Madison Webb

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Maya Roman

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Kaylin Roban

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Anabel Depaz

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Scarlett Calhoun-Liebnow

Chair of Public Relations
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Lucia Manning

Social Media Manager
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Isabel DePaz

Social Media Manager
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Ann Russo

Faculty/Staff Advisor
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Heather Montes Ireland

Faculty/Staff Advisor
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Kenna Bartlett

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Kailey Gielink


Members Benefits

You will get to become a part of a large activist community not just within DePaul, but throughout the entire city and beyond. Learning about the pressing reproductive justice issues of today and getting to meet incredible individuals including other students, guest speakers and various reproductive justice organizations. You will get to be a part of a club that will encourage and support your own various activist projects and there are interests for everyone! Art, poetry, journalism, social media, theatre, policies, campaigning, activism and more. If you seek to make a difference and want to do it as a community, PPGADPU is for you!

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