The Shared Coin Tradition celebrates individuals living DePaul's Vincentian Mission.  Find out more about the program throughout this site.

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The Shared Coin Tradition was started in celebration of DePaul University’s 125th anniversary. Students, faculty and staff are invited to take part in this new tradition.

Each year on Foundation Day, January 25, a new coin is released. Any DePaul student, faculty or staff member can go to one of our distribution locations and pick up coins to share with a person or several people they witness living DePaul’s mission.

Coin recipients may elect to keep it or may choose to pass it on when they see someone else living the mission in a meaningful way.

This is a special way to tell someone else, “I see you! I see DePaul’s mission and the Vincentian spirit within you. That light is radiating out to me. Thank you. I think it is important that I acknowledge you.”

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The 2024 edition of the Shared Coin uplifts a quote from St. Louise de Marillac to celebrate the 400th anniversary of her lumiere experience.

On June 4, 1623, Louise de Marillac, filled with doubts and anxiety about her life, entered the Church of Saint Nicolas-des Champs in Paris. A young wife with a child and a sick husband, she prayed for her future. Something extraordinary happened there. She experienced a moment of light that changed her life and filled her with a trust that there was a plan for her life. She was freed from her anxiety and doubts and received an inner peace.

Louise's "lumiere" experience is an invitation for all of us to root ourselves in trust and to hold on to the light within and around us.

"Encourage one another and may your mutual good example speak louder than any words can."

St. Louise de Marillac

2023 Inaugural Shared Coin Edition

"...Love one another, bear with one another, support one another." - St. Vincent de Paul