Server Info

Every Sunday at 6 PM (CST) we host an event. Events include house contests, PVP tournaments, boss battles, and minigames. Information about events can be found at #minecraft-announcements within the DePaul Esports Discord.

Our server features a few basic commands including /home, /warp, /tpa, /spawn, and /lock. Crafting stations and chests will automatically lock upon being place. When locked, only the player who placed it can access the chest. You can use /unlock to allow anyone to access the chest.

To join, visit the DePaul Discord server at and join through the #minecraft-chat. The IP address is pinned in both #minecraft-chat and #minecraft-announcements. Events will be announced on #minecraft-announcements.

DePaul Minecraft World Showcase

Join the DePaul Minecraft Server and build with other students in a survival world with weekly events. The server was reset for the 2020-2021 school year, so it's a fresh start for everyone and a great time to jump back in! This video highlights some of the build from the previous server.