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The Kellstadt Business Analytics Organization is a community of mindful leaders who focus on growing inside and outside the classroom. We promote excellence in the intellectual and professional development of DePaul students and position them to be highly competitive in a data-driven business environment by advancing knowledge and awareness of the latest data technologies, trends, and concepts, as well as building a valuable networking community. In pursuing this goal, we provide hands-on experience in business analytics and different business contexts to apply academic knowledge and skills through network forums, educational seminars, and speaker series events.

Members Benefits

As a Kellstadt Business Analytics Organization member, you get access to exclusive analytics opportunities, professional events, and much more. We strive to build a community that helps analytics students find their best fit whether they are interested in consulting or technology companies. We also collaborate with experts to host workshops to help members upskill in analytics-related technologies such as R, Tableau, and Python. To become a member, request to join us on DeHub and follow us on our social media accounts for the latest information on events we have in store. If you're looking to get involved beyond attending our events, contact us about our Officer and Executive board positions at

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Get access to resources that can help you boost your application profile to the next level. Get in touch with our Executive board members for more information.


Contact us at to schedule consultations and allow us to connect you with a few of our great Alumni at PwC, Amazon, and other great companies.

Our Team

Deep Ravikumar Parikh Profile

Deep Ravikumar Parikh

Ritika Marwah Profile

Ritika Marwah

Ibrahim Abde Ali Karimi Profile

Ibrahim Abde Ali Karimi

VP of Finance
Shafeeqa Aiman Syeda Profile

Shafeeqa Aiman Syeda

VP of Marketing
Arya Tupe Profile

Arya Tupe

VP of Analytics & Insight
Seth Dowling Profile

Seth Dowling

Ankita Sinha Profile

Ankita Sinha

PR Coordinator
Simran Bhutoria Profile

Simran Bhutoria

Events Coordinator
Irhum Arif Profile

Irhum Arif

Saurin Shah Profile

Saurin Shah

Zheng Han Profile

Zheng Han

Faculty Advisor