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About Us

Our organization will live out the mission of DePaul by serving the human needs of others and contribute to the quality of life of people right here in Chicago. Our members will develop skills and form meaningful relationships through their participation in our service events. Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller. The goal was simple. Fuller imagined a group of people of all backgrounds working together to provide housing for those in need. The organization believes, most fundamentally, in the value of the home as the source of security, and pride for families all across the world. How can children grow and learn without a place of shelter they may call their own? How may families foster unity and love without a home that is theirs? The mission of the DePaul University Habitat for Humanity chapter is to stimulate and capture the imagination and passion of the DePaul community in order to productively involve them in this work: the building and rehabilitation of homes throughout the United States and abroad. As we involve ourselves in the unique communities outside of our campus, we seek to educate our campus about the value of decent and affordable housing. We wish to organize bi-quarterly or bi-monthly fundraising/build events. Our aim is to reach growing numbers of DePaul University students to get them involved with our organization.









Members Benefits

Through working with Habitat for Humanity DePaul, you will gain experience in service as well as make personal and professional connections.  Being a part of this organization is a privilege and gives you the opportunity to help and serve your community.

Events & Activities

Most of our events and activities are fundraisers which help provide the money needed to participate in builds and donations to other Habitat chapters.  We also love to attend builds and ReStores in the Chicagoland area.


By being a part of our organization, learn a lot about service organizations, outreach, fundraising and more.  You can also gain experience in home building and maintenance, as well as other volunteer work.


Through participating in Habitat for Humanity you connect with other clubs and organizations at DePaul and meet countless people who share your passion for service.  You will meet some of your best friends here.

Our Team

Abby Thomas Profile

Abby Thomas

VP of Outreach
Karl Nass Profile

Karl Nass

Faculty/Staff Advisor
Kyle Cabrera Profile

Kyle Cabrera

VP of Finance
Carol Perez Profile

Carol Perez

Head of Service
Sai Parshetty Profile

Sai Parshetty

VP of Service
Madeline Burke Profile

Madeline Burke

Head of Outreach
Charlotte Frances Anne Merry Profile

Charlotte Frances Anne Merry


Useful Links

Instagram - Keep up with build and meeting announcements and other posts!

GroupMe - Join here to be a part of our club group chat for this year! This is where all the information about builds, meetings, and other events are announced.  A more personal type of communication that is recommended for every member.


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