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DePaul User Experience Association was born out of a desire to create more representation and opportunities for User Experience Design students at DePaul. While there are other inclusive CDM and STEM clubs at DePaul, none are specifically geared towards User Experience Design. User Experience Design itself is still fairly new and continues to evolve in the industry. DePaul User Experience Association brings not only DePaul undergraduate User Experience Design students, but also related majors (ex. graphic design, information technology, computer science, psychology) and User Experience enthusiasts together to better understand the current industry standards, as well as to collaborate, network, and learn from each other. DePaul User Experience Association aims to strengthen the design community. DePaul User Experience Association creates opportunities for UXD students to collaborate, network, learn, and get involved within the UX community.

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Nour Abuawad Profile

Nour Abuawad

Natasha Anand Jaisinghani Profile

Natasha Anand Jaisinghani

Alina Shavachuk-Baranovska Profile

Alina Shavachuk-Baranovska

Lorenzo Losurdo Profile

Lorenzo Losurdo

Kavya Krishnakumar Profile

Kavya Krishnakumar

Mrudhula Reddy Thummala Profile

Mrudhula Reddy Thummala

Mehdi Sadath Assadi Profile

Mehdi Sadath Assadi

Rahul Madanmohan Singh Profile

Rahul Madanmohan Singh

Apoorv Sujit Mahajan Profile

Apoorv Sujit Mahajan

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Mounica Vijayender Gunnala

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Sineen Raslan

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Daraksha Fathima Shaik

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Shriya Chorge

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Heather Wright

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Denise Nacu

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