DePaul Overwatch Team

Primary outlet for Overwatch involvement on campus.


Our Competitive Team

DePaul Overwatch currently has 3 different teams.
DePaul Blue Demons - Our varsity team 
DePaul Academy series - Our club teams

Check out the competitive tab above to learn more!

Social Media

Twitter: @DePaulOverwatch



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Community Events

Aside from our competitive teams, DePaul Overwatch hosts community events.

These events include but are not limited to:
- Overwatch Pick up games (PUGs)
- Overwatch League Viewing parties
-  Various other things from game nights to interviews with industry professionals!

Mission Statement

The mission of DePaul Overwatch is to bring together an all-inclusive group of students interested in Overwatch and harbor opportunities for those individuals in regards to Overwatch's various aspects and eSports presence. To create a space in which students can come together to learn about the business aspects of Overwatch and eSports and connect players, coaches, managers, graphics designers and alternative roles to bring their efforts to fruition in a team environment. Focused on community and competitive aspects, we intend to grow the presence of Blizzard's Team-based FPS on campus and compete nationally.

Meet Our Board Members

Ava Berry Profile

Ava Berry

Fernando Suazo Profile

Fernando Suazo

Jesus Ocampo Profile

Jesus Ocampo

Lethrese Rosete Profile

Lethrese Rosete

PR Manager
Jade Maitland Profile

Jade Maitland

Nicole Yang Profile

Nicole Yang

Faculty/Staff Advisor


DePaul Overwatch

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