DePaul Music Business Organization

Networking, Resources, and Opportunities for DePaul students interested in the Music Business.


About Us

DMBO serves to connect students interested in the music industry with resources and opportunities while networking in the process. We coordinate guest speakers, artist interviews, live music events, networking events, and more.

Our Team

Kimberly Motes Profile

Kimberly Motes

DEI Chair
Adrian Kelly Profile

Adrian Kelly

Event Coordinator
Jabril McGee Profile

Jabril McGee

Dylan Chmura Profile

Dylan Chmura

Ronald Inawat Profile

Ronald Inawat

Faculty/Staff Advisor
Madison Manor Profile

Madison Manor

Maya Volkert Profile

Maya Volkert

Videography and Media Chair
Abigail Cavaness Profile

Abigail Cavaness

Olivia Epstein Profile

Olivia Epstein

Izabella Filip Profile

Izabella Filip

Graphic Design Chair
Samantha Novak Profile

Samantha Novak

Marketing Chair
Savannah Parker Profile

Savannah Parker

DEI Chair
Catherine Bolton Profile

Catherine Bolton

Gaby Dupont Profile

Gaby Dupont

Marketing Chair
Adi Van Dyke Profile

Adi Van Dyke

Fundraising and Event Coordinator
Emily Robinson Profile

Emily Robinson