DePaul K-pop Dance Club

A K-pop dance group for anyone who's willing to dance!

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About Us

DKDC aims to spread Korean culture by showcasing Korean pop dance performances. We strive to teach dancers, regardless of skill level, to foster an interest in K-pop culture by learning fun and engaging dances.

How It Works

DKDC holds weekly meetings where we rehearse dances for our showcases each quarter. DKDC dedicates practices for our full group numbers and subunits. Our current subunits are DKDC Peach (cute concepts), DKDC Siren (girl crush/edgy concepts), DKDC 315 (boy group concepts), and DKDC Flame (sexy concepts). Due to COVID-19, our setup for the 2020-21 year will look a bit different, but our group will still find a way to come together.

Events & Activities

Look forward to our Random Play Dance event and our quarterly showcases!


Our rehearsals typically last 2 hours, but may be longer or shorter depending on our group needs!


Make new friends in our full group and subunits!

Our Officers

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Maeve Glenane

Mia Chon Profile

Mia Chon