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About Us

The DePaul Community Service Association (DCSA) is a collection of student organizations at DePaul that are dedicated to weekly service across Chicago. Each DCSA group volunteers every week as the same community partner site and strives to build relationships with our different communities in Chicago. 

If you are passionate about community service, we would love to have you get involved! Email us at or join our DCSA DeHub page!









Members Benefits

By joining DCSA, you will be connected with other DePaul students who are passionate about service and social justice. We strive to foster a sense of community with our DePaul volunteers and have quarterly DCSA social events for you to join. 

Our DePaul volunteers also get the chance to know a different neighborhood in Chicago and get connected with the community members there. Our service opportunities are very meaningful because we focus on service that is about relationship and supporting others in our Chicago community!

Our Team

Karl Nass Profile

Karl Nass

Faculty/Staff Advisor
Simran Singh Profile

Simran Singh

Emma Senanayake Profile

Emma Senanayake

Damien Rodriguez Profile

Damien Rodriguez

Faculty/Staff Advisor
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Mayha Syed

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Conor Cronin

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Rose Bittle

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Emma Murphy

Ashley Anderson Profile

Ashley Anderson

Sofia Mota Bento Da Silva Profile

Sofia Mota Bento Da Silva

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Hannah Casey

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Lily Radtke

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Mollie McNulty

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Lilian Moore

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Nicole Kazanecka

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Rebecca Hartley

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Cassidy Cabrera

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Katelyn Feinblatt

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Caitlin Hayden

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Bajram Asani

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Sofia Zapien Guerra

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Katie Sullivan

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Maya Maria Holman

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Maria Mosquera

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Jessica Martinez

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Georgina Leal

Faculty/Staff Advisor